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From: Josh Anderson (
Date: 06/19/00

> >> Oddly enough most builders I know save after virtually every edit as
> >> is generally considered fairly unstable, hence a lot of muds have
> >> builders ports. It's improved a lot with Oasis 2 in terms of stability
> >> though :)
> ---snip---
> I must say, there are times when we do save after every change, but there
> are times where we have to run through a whole bunch of mobs or objects
> from the same zone very quickly making the same change to each one
> (ie., zone about to open and want to make all the mobs questable).
> Instead of writing the file out EACH time we save the one little change,
> it makes more sense to update internally and only save out once
> all 40? 99? mobs are updated.
> (With zmud a change like that usually is medit X; L; 20; q; y  all in a
> single
> line just changing the X, that way you can run through all the mobs very
> quickly. Writing to disk each time would probably gum up the works
> unnecessarily.)
> Now, I admit, I usually will save after 20 or so, just to make sure that
> if something does happen that those 20 at least are saved.
> Small builders perspective there ;)
> Dana

Having had the privilege of working with Dana on the mud I was previously
on, I know exactly what she's talking about with the (basically) spamming of
OLC commands to make similar changes throughout a number of mobs or rooms or
whatever.  I, however, as one of the very first projects I undertook as a
coder, did install a system that saves to disk upon exit of OLC.  Yesterday
I created a zone of 100 rooms in about 2 minutes using the "redit
7100;1;Genericname;q;y" method, just upping the room number between rapid
hits of the enter key.  I noticed no slowdown, lag, problems, extenuating
circumstances, gumming up of the works, or side effects of what could have
been a fairly intensive period of cpu/hard disk use, I'd imagine.  I'm not
running my mud on any massive machine, either, just my home pc with a  PII
350, 128 megs of RAM and a cable modem.

So, to speak like an advertiser, "If it can work for me, it can work for
YOU!".  :)

Josh Anderson

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