Re: Gate spell [CODE]

From: Del (
Date: 06/19/00

Da' Kool Cat wrote:
>   Why not allow only a certain amount of people to step through the portal,
> depending the power/level of the castor?  So say a level 5 castor would
> only be able to create a portal able to withstand one char entering, while
> a level 30 castor would be able to create a portal for 10 entrances?
> Level/power could also affect how long the portal lasts, also as each char
> walks through GET_TIMER is decreased as well.

Some of these are more feasable ideas. The length of stay based on
(if a level 15 spell to begin with) The stay at 1 tic, level 20 = 2,
level 25 at 3 tics, and 30 = 4 tics (not to forget more levels for those
who have them). This is certainly duable.
Also, the possiblities of the portal's time decreased one tic each time
the portal is used. The only complication for that one, I can think of
is what happenes when there are 4 tics and 4 people walk through.
Does it fade right then or wait till the next tic? It can be made to do
but remember, more than 4 will be able to walk through until the tic.
(Thoughts to ponder on!)

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