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From: Josh Anderson (
Date: 06/19/00

> "Glover, Rick I." wrote:
> >
> > Since color is a part of the "char_data", you cannot have color in the
> > character creation.  The way that I was able to do this was to add a
> > variable to the "descriptor" which will hold the color instead.  The
> > descriptor is the only thing you really have available to you until the
> > character is actually created in the last part of nanny() before you
> > the menu.
> >
> This is incorrect, where it sets the variables (gold, etc) in class.c
> you can set the flags for color complete.
> no extra variables or anything.

Actually you can just not worry about it by putting an ansi prompt at the
first step of the login process...I have colored greetings, class, and race
choice menus which I was able to put in as a result of using this code by
Daniel Koepke:

Josh Anderson

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