Re: [Newbie] Room/Zone limitations

From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (
Date: 06/20/00

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Ron Cole wrote:

> between zones for expansion, assign large ranges of zones to each builder,
I started off by stripping the int that was assigned for OLC and replacing
it with an array of ints, this helped a bit since builders could now work
on 5 zones.

The code We're working on right now contains a complete SQL for players.
This in Effect means that a Builder can have virtually Unlimited amount of
zones, or at least up to the maximal amount of zones, I think the db we're
running maximum can handle numbers up to 18446744073709551615, Allthough
if I ever were to redesign it (No we have not yet gotten around to
that.. :), I'd probably chose the IP-Style (4 Octals) or something
similar, perhaps base it on IPV6 (128 Bits, hm, wonder where I've heard
that before :).

A lot of other goodies were given to us simply for changing (It sounds so
easy doesn't it? :) into an SQL-DB, Players can now have Unlim amount of
spells/Skills, and it will/should not affect the memory usage. Stripping
off the Spell/Skill array and have a function dig down into the SQL and
return 0 if the player does not know the skill/spell and the percentage

As for speed, so far I've done some testing with around 20-30 players
online at the same time doing different things (Thus having to save a
lot). It might be because everyone was from locally, but speed wasn't
really an issue, At least I couldn't measure any form of lag.

Hm, I had a question regarding all this, but it's gone now.. *ponder*

Oh well, I might just be rambling... :)


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