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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/20/00

> I just cuaght this msg and yes this is happening alot but with me it aint
> question that I couldnt figure out by myself it that since I couldnt find
> any good clan or guild system I got to program them both and with finals
> being done this week I got alot to do so little simple things that I dont
> find the solution to in like 5 min I ask and leave so I dont waste too much
> time

        My head hurts.

        For the benefit of myself, and the readers of the list, I believe
the agreed upon convention is to use the english language.  I won't go
into the rules required thereof, suffice to say I'm not very good at it
myself.  For a quick start though, I'd suggest using 'sentances' to
encapsulate individual 'ideas'.
  as for the rest
        As was said before, we are not circlemud tech support. We're not
paid any more than you are for using it.  We do this in our spare time -
most of us don't have much of it to begin with.

        What makes you think that because your schedule is particularly
full right now, that it gives you the right to demand that we act
subservient?  Though I know George only did it to keep the peace, I'm
frankly appaled that someone actually listened to you and performed a
'grep' because you didn't have the time.  If you don't have the time, that
does not mean you may have mine.

        I'll help as much as I can, when I _percieve_ the help is both
necessary, and as stated quite well in previous posts, when I percieve the
help to be deserved.  Not that I'm high and mighty, but you do not deserve
(my) help.  As a matter of fact, you'd save more time if you did just do
it yourself rather than asking us.  The difference, you're wasting your
time, AND ours now.

        Of course, the other thing I have to question; your experience.  I
do not know of many people with 17 years of experience in every language
and OS who are still taking finals (Many are math or physics graduates at
that age). Assuming you went to work 'programming' upon completion of at
least high school, you are nearly 40 (18+17=35, + 1/2 for fudge factor).
Most of the 40 year old programmers I know - even those who do not speak
english - have a moderate grasp of sentance structure.  Granted, most of
them work for IBM and have problems shutting up after they start, but
that's a problem of a different type.  More likely, you'd have started
programming in your mid thirties, taking over responsibility for systems
and gradually acquiring knowledge.  You'd be in your middle 50's now;
Your exit codes would start "ABEND:...." and you'd remember having to
fight for a terminal to the PDP 10... Somehow I doubt this.

        Of the programmers I've met, even those with less than 1/8'th of
the experience you claim to have (in years, and combined known languages
and os's not greater than 5) are capable of examining code and modifying
it to meet some of their needs.  Especially when those needs are only
cosmetic.  Even in such a short amount of time - even in an artifical
programming environment like a college - they still have the _practiced_
ability to search for sections of code they want to change.  Half of us
(more?) learned a language this way.

        Frankly, I feel like you're trying to lie to me, and use me at the
same time.  It doesn't make it any better that your message 'feels' like
it's coming from a 12 year old.

> > >Hey Oleg, got anything better to do than be a jerk?

        He wasn't being anything of the sort.  I'm sure more than just
Oleg and myself noticed the inconsitencies with the above post.  The valid
information from Brain Williams ("buy a book to learn how to code before
you try making a MUD") was discarded with what seemed like hostility and a
self-grandious holier-than-thou attitude. If you knew how to code, you
wouldn't have asked that quesiton, and we all know it.

        I'm surprised actually that you'd even ask this Jason.  You know
how to program (assumed by your description of your jail code), and you
can realize that it helps no one by simply spewing verbatium code.  I hate
the quote, but it comes up again and again here - "give a man a fish,
he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat fo life" - the
corollary to that quote is that if you give a man a fish, the next time
he's hungry, he'll come straight to you - expecting another fish, and none
the wiser.

        Even in the cases where I do provide the answer directly, I always
add on how I arrived there - in hopes that everyone else will learn, and
not just take the answer and learn nothing


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