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> how do I make it so that the color complete option is set as soon as you log
> on to the mud and when you make a new char

i solved it like this:
-put new variable i.e. 'ansi' into char_data,
 that will be 1 if color and 0 if no-color
-in character creation process (interpreter.c's nanny() i think)
 type on user's terminal something like 'Wonderful colors!!!' in color
 and ask him if he sees colors correctly
-if so, ask him if he wants to use colors (our user, our master ;)) )
-if so (duh...), set 'ansi' variable to 1, otherwise to 0.
-if ansi is 1, set color bits of player.
-in subsequent process questions, check ansi and send color or
 no-color menus and responses, according to 'ansi'

this is maybe too detailed and newbie oriented, but i myself am
newbie in coding circle, so so about it...

Andrej 'Amber' Kacian

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