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From: Matthias Elsdragon (
Date: 06/22/00

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> I cannot beleive I am going to ask this question, but after digging around
>  for about 10 minutes I could not seem to definatly determine what version
>  Circle I am running, other than I know it is a 3.0pl. According to the top
>  entry in the ChangeLog file it lists pl14 as the last, so does that mean
>  pl14 is what I have or I just have an out of date ChangeLog file? Is there
>  way to tell internally what it is? For some reason I was thinking I had
>  pulled down pl17 a few months back and was working with that...but I really
>  don't remember. So now I have to ask the unmerciful list for advice.
>  According to my *edit.c files they are v2.0 so at least I know which
>  of Oasis I am using :)

Try the 'version' command while the mud is running. ;)


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