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From: Cassidy Barton (
Date: 06/24/00


    I run a Redhat 6.2 Linux server.  Current uptime is 28 days and last
reboot was intentional.  The IP is static and it's run on a 512k line.  I'd
be willing to host about 5 muds in building phase on there.  The only
downtime is due to the ISP.  There will be maybe 2 minutes of downtime a day
usually around 1-2am pacific time due to ISP servers resetting.  It is a
registered DNS server with internic if you decide you want to buy a domain
already.  Apache is installed, configured, and can be used for hosting
websites for now too.  Not good for general MUD hosting, but in coding and
building  phase it's great.  I have extensive 'nix experience and will set
up groupings and multiple accounts if desired for builders/coders etc.  If I
like your concept I'd be more than happy to host it for free.  Contact me at, or icq 4961247 or aim Xananthium.


Cassidy Barton

"We didn't do three years of research and come up with this concept.  What
we did was follow our instincts and construct a computer that was what we
wanted." -- Steve Jobs

"Starting a company didn't mean that much to me.  I can design computers.  I
know I can." -- Steve Wozniak

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