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From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 06/27/00

Marcelus Trojahn wrote:
> Hi all,
>   First of all, sorry about my poor english and my little knowledge
> about C proggramming.

Hi Marcelus! How are you?? (I'm Blug, from Abba's World! :-))

>   I'm getting some problems with lag that gethostbyaddr function
> causes when the player is logging on the mud.
>   My doubt is: is there a way to make gethostbyaddr runs in the
> background? I have saw it on a mud but I have no ideia how to make
> this...

I don't know any way for running gethostbyaddr() call on background,
except if you use threads, but this is a bit complicated for a simple
gethostbyaddr() call.

I sent a message to this list on last April 06, with a patch created by
me that uses the GNU adns resolver for this. Always remember to check
the archives! :-)

This message is archived on:

The link on this message is no longer valid. Now my patch is found at
(the README is on the same file):

If you have any problems installing this patch on your mud (I know that
your mud is based upon bpl15, and this patch is for bpl17), you can
e-mail me, and I will help you. :-)

Hum... I think it is time to upload it to CircleMUD FTP site... I will
do it this week.


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