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Date: 07/03/00

At 07:07 PM 7/3/2000 -0700, Felix J Vazquez wrote:
>NOD thanks all it really helps. for the newbie eq question..
>Also now I have another question..
>Has anyone implemented forges into their CM?
>It is one thing to use DG for 1 obj swap but if i want 3 or more objs to
>forge 1 item...could be messy
>anyone got any ideas on this subject

We've been talking about this as well. The conclusion that we have, for
the most part, come to is something along these lines:

a.) Define maximum amount of items required to make an item (be it
3, 5, 10, whatever).
b.) Create a struct.
c.) Create a constant array of that struct. Each element in the array would
be a "recipie". For instance, if the struct was:

struct forge_data {
      int vnum_1;
      int vnum_2;
      int vnum_3;
      int res_vnum;
      int skill;

One element could be :

{ 11100, 11020, 10034, 20001, 25 }

The first three vnums would be combined to generate the fourth. The skill
level needed in forging for that item would be around 25.

Obviously it will take a bit of work to implement the recipies, but something
along the lines of what EverQuest has done (put items in the forge, and
then work on them) would make sense. Even if you had something like:

forge itema itemb itemc

That would also be another way to do it. I recommend, like EverQuest, being
picky about the order of the items. If you do the wrong thing at the wrong
time when forging, it's ruined, period.


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