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From: Shane Lee (
Date: 07/05/00


  Server: CircleMUD 3.0, bpl 17
      OS: Windows NT 4.0 Server
Hardware: Dell Precision 210 Workstation, Dual Processor
Compiler: Microsoft Developer Studio 97, C++ 5.0

A little question for you if you have the time...

   I have implemented races and classes, and I have quite a lot of
as well as races and I wanted to add a little menu function in
<interpreter.c> that outputs a text-string (one unique string for
race/class) and puts up a <y/n> prompt to let the user confirm if
wants the chosen class, if not, print the race/class menu again.

   Could you please advice on this; I am not a very good coder; but I
tried to make it myself but cannot get it to work properly.  I would
be ever
grateful if you could advice on this, in mundane language terms, I am
not a
heavy coder, just another idiot trying his best to run Circle.  ACK,
heard that one before, have you? ;)

Its funny that this question should be brought up. I tried the same
thing you are talking about, with no luck. Basically, I prompted for
race first, then (depending on which race was selected) I sent a
class menu to the descriptor. By making several class menus, it was
easy to do, but the problem was that the player could still choose
any class he/she wanted, regardless of whether or not it was on the
menu that was sent to them. I then tried searching for the race, then
if the race and class weren't compatible, to resend the menu. The
game didn't like to do that at all:-( I know its possible to do,
because I've played a few CircleMUDs who used a similar creation
Instead of spending several days trying to figure it out, I chose
this time to hack in a process in which the player actually enters
the game, and THEN chooses the race and class he/she wanted to be.
I basically hacked the shops spec_proc (messy but it works), and am
planning to write a snippet on how to do it.
Here's the main gyst:  Set the player to a basic race and class when
they choose a sex, then send them to a room where they choose a race.
In these rooms, I have objects each that have brief descriptions
concerning the race/class they represent. Then, one room up I have
mobs with the same names. The player may "touch" one of the objects,
and in doing so chooses that race, whereupon they are sent to a
similar room where they can choose a class.
Its very messy and hard to debug at first, but since the player's
race and class can easily be changed by the game, the players may
restart the whole process again anytime they like.
Players like it because they can read the objects descriptions and
thus get a better grasp of their choices, plus they get the added
benefit of being able to change their mind at any time.
Sorry about the big reply, I don't know if this helps at all. If
anyone is interested in a snippet on the subject, let me know and
I'll try to finish it soon.


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