Re: [Circle][Searching for][Dg_scripts/Oasis 2.0 for 17]

From: Del (
Date: 07/05/00

I should have one ready in a few days..

Also, anyone else out there find any problems with the current oasis
patch that was uploaded..
I ran into several problems:
1. act.comm.c
   do_say function patch was messed up
   It changed "You say" to "You tell the group"

2. fight.c
  The following two should not have been added:
  +extern struct str_app_type str_app[];
  +extern struct dex_app_type dex_app[];

3. comm.c and config.c
   Changed max_playing in config.c to max_players
   changed max_playing to MAX_PLAYERS in comm.c
   errors like undefined reference to "max_players"
   Said that line 208 of comm.c was first definition to max_players
   208 = plant_magic(buf1);
   I changed both comm.c and config.c back to max_playing
   and everything appears to be fine.

Did anyone else run across any errors?
If so, please let me know.. so I can fix and add dg scripts and other
things (aedit, etc..)

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