Re: Slackware 7 Crypt Problems

From: Mysidia (
Date: 07/06/00

On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Elwartowski, William wrote:

> Has anyone using Slackware 7 found a way to remedy their apparrent
> native crypt problems with CircleMUD?  I know that by trial and error
> installing the DES-crypt addon resolves it immediately, but thus have
> been told DES-crypt isn't the crypt I want "these days".  Is there some
> special trick to fix the problem (which needless to say, provides a seg
> fault on stock Circle bpl17), or am I stuck with installing the addon at
> some stage?

  DES-crypt is most-likely what you want -- there's nothing wrong with
  it these days although there are more-secure hashes, crypt can hold
  provided the password its crypting is secure.

  Slackware7 prolly has crypt() doing something other than what you
  usually get.. you might need an adjustment of MAX_PWD_LENGTH to
  accomadate the hash if it is extended in length; however... it shouldn't
  be crashing if circle is filling the buffer properly with strncpy as it
  should be doing -- so that would leave crypt() itself causing the segv..
  <rather unusual>


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