Re: [CODE] SQL Playerbases/Saves

From: Jason Ragsdale (
Date: 07/09/00

Thanks for the reply. How did you do the database connect? and just one of
the commands like a update? If i can figure that out i should be able to get
the rest on my own. Any help would be great man.

>From: Daniel Burke <addictmud@HOME.COM>
>Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE] SQL Playerbases/Saves
>Date: Sun, Jul 9, 2000, 8:07 AM

> On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, Jason Ragsdale wrote:
>> Hello,
>>     Just wondering if anyone out there has intergrated a SQL database into
>> their mud. If so i would like if i could ask a few questions and maby see a
>> bit of code on how you did it at the key areas, I.E. SQL connect, and table
>> updates. If you could please respond to Thanks in
>> advance for any help.
> AddictMUD uses mySQL extensivly to store information.  The playerfile, skills,
> clan info, help, etc, etc... just about the only things we don't store in
> mySQL is the world, aliases and rent.  It's very nice to have the information
> stored in an easy to edit database.  If I add a new field to the player
> structure, a quick alter table is the only player file converting that needs
> to be done :)
> Speed has never been an issue.  I've been very careful about how I convert
> things to mySQL, testing for speed, etc... we used to run on a p100 until
> recently, just to give you an idea about how little CPU overhead it'll
> (we just replaced that p100 with a nice 400mhz machine, so I may test
> converting rent soon).
> Dan
> AddictMUD
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