Re: [CODE] SQL Playerbases/Saves

From: Daniel Burke (
Date: 07/09/00

On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, StormeRider wrote:

> At 02:59 PM 7/9/00 -0600, you wrote:
> >Thanks for the reply. How did you do the database connect? and just one of
> >the commands like a update? If i can figure that out i should be able to get
> >the rest on my own. Any help would be great man.
> Honestly, for something like the MySQL C API, I would recommend getting a
> good book. There is one by New Riders, it runs about $40 and is well worth it.
> If you dont have the cash for that, has an excellent section
> on their website regarding the C API. The book, however, is better.

Actually, I found a C++ wrapper for the mysql API, and use that... in general,
doing it the hard way is not so bad... I've used the mysql API for other
programs without much trouble... I think's documentation is
rather well written.


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