Re: Warning: Newbie Question....

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/10/00

>     Ok, i know its ridiculous, but i need help.
>     I tried to patch my Circle Mud v. 17 with OLC v. 2.0, of every
> possible way, but it dosnt seem to work...
>     There z always one more error.
>     Where can i find a clear and last version of circle mud already
> patched with olc 2.0?
>     BTW, i am compiling it under windows 98, using the cygwin program.

        There is someone who has either created, or is working on a
version of bpl17 with olc 2.0 in it.  You should check the mud archives
for this.

        You should also probably check out the 'how to patch by hand'
walkthrough located somewhere - i think - on
Of course, that does assume you know how to code; if you cannot code you
should not be patching, or altering your code to any great extent.


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