Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE]? MXP - tough luck telnet users?

From: Jodi Goddard (
Date: 07/12/00

  Geeze.  I just realized I'm an idiot.  I'm thinking M*S*P.  *sigh*  That
is the last time I write a response two minutes after waking up.  My bad.

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Jodi Goddard wrote:

>   I'm working from memory here (I just started coding again after a good
> year or so :) so I might miss a few steps but it could put you atleast in
> the right direction.  I barely remember the function names I modified
> aswell. :)
>     - I don't remember what section I modified, but I basically followed
>       the code that sets if you want color, autoexits, etc. and added one
>       for MXP.  I remember adding a new #define PRF_MXP (1 << nn) I think I
>       got creative and wrote a function that tested it before enabling it -
>       but that's just gettin' fancy now :)
>     - Added MXP to the const char *preference_bits[];
>     - I only used MXP for sound, so it was all hard coded in general areas.
>       I added things in like when you died it would laugh at you.  Searched
>       the code for 'R.I.P' and added in a check to see if you have MXP
>       enabled than had it output the MXP string right afterwards.  Atleast
>       that one I remember.  I think it went a little something like this:
>         if(PRF_FLAGGED(ch, PRF_MXP))
>             send_to_char("<MXP string>\n\r", ch);
>   Hope that served to help and not confuse.
>     I would guess if you wanted to add things into roomdesc's, etc it would
> take some code modifications in look_at_room(); but I have no idea how to do
> it with strings coming from the world files.
>     I should take a look at the new MXP definitions.  I don't remember
> anything about clicking on stuff :)
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> From: Dana Luther <>
> To: <>
> Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 13:50
> Subject: [CIRCLE] [CODE] [NEWBIE]? MXP - tough luck telnet users?
> >Has anyone come up with a good way to ?toggle whether MXP commands are sent
> >to the users? I've looked all through the MXP documentation and forums, and
> >haven't seen anything on on this list or the ftp site regarding this aspect
> >of it. The MXP project itself looks quite interesting, but without some way
> >to determine who can use it and who can't, you either don't use it or you
> >send all kinds of junk to your telnet (etc.) users.
> >
> >I considered putting this on the MXP discussion forum, but thought that
> >since it's really more about how the circle code will interpret those
> >commands that this would be a better place to ask this question.
> >
> >If the code was predictable I think I could pretty easily come up with a
> way
> >to do this, but since the tags could litterally be put ANYWHERE there is a
> >string (middle of a room description, object description, speech, char
> name,
> >you name it), I'm at a loss as to where to start.
> >
> >Ideas/Suggestions anyone?
> >
> >(I went ahead and tagged this as newbie because there may be a REALLY easy
> >way to do this that I am completely overlooking... if so, please tell me
> and
> >try to keep the flames from getting too hot *wink* )
> >
> >Dana
> >
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