Re: dg scripts problem

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/12/00

Steven Newsom wrote:
> I recently patched in dg scripts pl7 for circlmudbpl14.  When I compile it,
> it does fine up until it gets to the part where it makes the *.o files then I
> get this message.


> dg_scripts.o: In function `script_driver':
> /home/nightmare/circle30bpl14/src/dg_scripts.c:2827: undefined reference to
> `do_
> dg_cast'
> /home/nightmare/circle30bpl14/src/dg_scripts.c:2830: undefined reference to
> `do_
> dg_affect'

You defined the functions fine otherwise it would've crapped out when
making the .o files.  The problem is that it can't find the actual
functions themselves.  This is either because the functions aren't
there, or because the file they are in was not added into the Makefile.

It is possible that when you patched up to the latest DG Scripts it
patched but not Makefile, if this is the case you'll need to
rm Makefile and re-run ./configure to recreate the Makefile from

Regards, Peter

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