Re: Newbie MUD Man :)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/13/00

> But with both of these sites, keep in mind the age of whatever you're
> looking at.  The feature discussed may have already been integrated into
> the most recent version or there may be a later snippet that does it
> better, bug fixes reported, et cetera.  And the best advice of all...
> Have fun!
        Oh - and because everyone is so upbeat I feel the need to block
some of the happy-go-lucky sunshine with a small thundercloud.

        It's the type of thundercloud that gets upset if people without
programming ability or knowledge attempt to get others on the list to code
for them.  Do yourself a favor if you're going to attempt to program, and
learn how to first, outside of the list.  When you know enough to be
dangerous then, you'll have the ammo to do damage.

        Speaking for myself alone, I expect someone with a programming
question to at least be fluent in the language's syntax, and have a
general idea of what caused the error they're asking about.  Any less than
that and the best advice I can give is to learn more before you attempt
something beyond your current level.

        Sides, programming is fun.


p.s. Not everyone on the list is mean like me, so if you really do have an
actual problem that isn't covered in those previous references, and you
can't fix it yourself (after having tried!), do ask.  Someone will usually
help pretty quickly.

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