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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/14/00

On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Sharon Stanton wrote:

> [bugs snipped]
> coudl someone please help me fix these??

        Hm. Fstat and fileno errors.

        First, you'll want to make sure that you've performed the correct
configuration for your windows system; this involves the conf.h file among
other things.

        Then, if you're adding a patch, and have trouble with it, the
first step is to seach the list archives.  Chances are, if it's a popular
patch, you'll find someone's already had the problem you did, and posted
how to fix it.

        In your case, i believe there was some issues with the differences
between a made-for-unix patch using fileno, and the windows version which
contains slightly differentlynamed internal members.  If this _is_ the
case, you'll see it in the archives as it's been discussed, just look for
the structure nams that give you errors.

        If you've done all these things, then feel free to ask again, but
include more information then "i get errors".  Though it's obvious you're
using windows (95?98/nt?) and MSVC either 5 or 6, we don't know what
patches you've added, or if you've added any at all, etc.  I know the file
'diskio' isn't standard; I'm assuming it's from the ascii pfile patch that
you asked for help on before (doesn't hurt to include this info again

Searching for 'fileno' I get the following useful hits;

        Just off hand.  There are others too.


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