[Circle] Slightly off topic, yet potentially relevant..

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 07/14/00

        Hey - Just curious, who's going to be at GenCon this year?  I
usually go to laugh at everyone, but hey, as an owner of large bladed
weapons, I can do that.

        If you don't know what gencon is, I'll pity you, and then point
you at http://www.wizards.com/gencon/GC2K/welcome.asp

        What is it they say? "..., the Game Fair is recognized as being
the largest gaming convention in the nation ...". Anyway, it's kinda fun,
and it'd be nice to gather some of us together to talk shop at some point.


        Something I asked on the muddev list; how do you keep your players
under control.  Some have advocated a player-control system; your players
can vote someone off the mud, for  example, if they're a jerk.  Others
(like myself) have advocated mainly code-based solutions for the most
part, and admin tools for the rest...

        Just curious how everyone else out there deals with the problem
players, spammers, people running aorund cursing everyone, inappropriate
language (racial slurs, etc), things like that..

        Aside form spiffying up the ban and new-name creation code to use
some regex type matching, i've only put in one thing; godhate.  Godhate is
a flag only high level imms even know of (*in theory*) and it causes
something like a 20-40% difference in certain situations. that is, you're
less likely to hit, you do less damage, spells fail more, creatures hit
you more, for more damage, you heal slower, and most important your 'exp
required to level' goes up, and the exp gain from mobs is also reduced.

        The idea behind this is simply that lower level characters don't
have the same level of ability to make someone's life miserable.


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