Re: re-stringing?

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/15/00

Charles Erwin wrote:
> I am using circle 3.0 bpl17
> And OasisOLC for bpl17.(it was buggy but nothing bad ??)
> I have abbrevs coded, but was wondering how to add support for restring of
> items.
> (Red sword can be edited to jimbo's stick w/o interferring with all original
> item)

It's a relatively simple matter to change the description of an object
for one play session, however, the descriptions are not stored in the
rent files (they are re-copied from the object prototypes), so when the
player unrents after quitting, the original description will be seen
instead of the new one (note:  This is the main reason why you can't
rent MUD Mail).  Unless you are prepared to mess with the way that
objects are stored in the rent files I would suggest a different
approach, perhaps creating different prototypes with the various
different descriptions and then exchanging one for the other instead of
trying to re-string the same object.

Regards, Peter

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