Re: Re-string problems?

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 07/16/00

You may want to set XapObjs on as default.  Look for:

int xapobjs = 0;

in db.c, I believe.

Also, you will want to look through objsave.c and make sure that it is
saving to the right files when you exit.  There were some minor bugs in it
when I patched it up for my little development MUD.  Try to figure out when
it should be calling get_filename (I believe) with NEW_OBJ_FILES as the
argument, and when it should be calling it with CRASH_FILE (or whatever the
default define is for objects).

Sorry I'm not too clear,

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> okay thnx :)
> I got that working, hmm...But it still wont save???
> (I do have xapobj's and iedit.)
> but onyl lasts one session....Is there somethign needed to be done to
> again I appreciate all the help you are giving :)

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