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From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 07/17/00

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From: StormeRider <>
Date: den 15 juli 2000 17:08
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] hedit

>At 01:08 PM 7/15/00 +0200, Torgny Bjers wrote:
>>Re: Request for HEDIT...


>>   Server: CircleMUD 3.0, bpl 17
>>Add-ons: OasisOLC 2.0, Races, Classes, liblist, aedit 16
>>       OS: Windows NT 4.0 Server
>>Hardware: Dell Precision 210 Workstation, Dual Processor
>>Compiler: Microsoft Developer Studio 97, C++ 5.0
>>This is a request for the hedit snippet that work with the above setup...
>>Read below for explanation...
>>I have tried to patch in the hedit snippets found on the CircleMUD


>Most of the snippets (quest editor, guild editor [unfinished], help editor,
>editor) were all designed for OasisOLC 1.X. If you want to run OasisOLC 2,
>be prepared to learn the differences and fix.
>olc_add_to_save_list is now add_to_save_list
>same for remove_from_save_list
>Include oasis.h as well as genolc.h in your C files.
>Change the code that clears the screen to use clear_screen(d). Where it
>for get_char_cols, replace it with get_char_colors.
>Some of the things I remember having to modify. And get used to the SL_XXX
>style of modifying the save list.
>It's a bit of work, but in the long run, it's worth it.


I have probably gotten most of it to work, but I have one error still to
fix, so I would appreciate help with this...

-----------Configuration: circle - Win32 Debug-------------
oasis.h(316) : error C2136: 'ACMD' : prototype must have parameter types

This is in hedit.c, and it is version 2.0 of the file, and I did the
modifications that StormeRider suggested and this is the only error I got...

Kind Regards,
Torgny Bjers

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