Re: programs

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/17/00

> hi
> Is there a program that will allow me to patch files in windows??
> and how can i install ascii_pfiles in windows 98
> with msvc 6.0 for a compiler??

        Yes, there is.  Searching for "patch" and "windows" on the list
archive gets you as many hits as you'd like, starting from way back in 97,
to (I believe) 2 months ago.

        You can also just do a search for the same thing on the net and
find about 40 different versions.

        If you're feeling particularly picky, you can grab the cygwin
tools from  which include patch, as
well as hundreds of other unix utils for windows.

        You can also go to and find the link that
reads "learn how to patch by hand!", if you want to shortcut all that
downloading and stuff.


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