Re: Saving with ASCII

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/17/00

> If you use ASCII object files.(xapobj),
> how do you get it to save so when you log on, the equipment isin your inv.
> and doesnt drop to the floor?
        I can't think of a default situation in which the equipment drops
to the floor when you login.  As a matter of fact, in worst case, either
it will go to your top level inventory (what you see when you type inv),
or it will go poof.

        Of course, xapobjs was created at a point in time where autoeq was
not in the main build - something I believe has changed.

        In the end, folks, it is a patch.  Think of it more as a gentle
suggestion how to get things done.  You have to bend the edges, and make
a few expert alterations to get it to fit just right.  That patch isn't a
finished product, it's the point that you start at.  You alter code, you
really ought to know what you're doing.


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