Re: Xapobjs (autorun toggle?)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/17/00

> did you say it was -o or -x for the bpl17 and the newest xapobjs?

        I'm mostly sure it's not -o.  I seem to remember that having some
new meaning in the latest bpl.  If I were me, and sometimes I am, I would
have then picked -x for the new file name.. looking at the comm.c section
of the newest patch, I see;

+    case 'x':
+      xap_objs = 1;
+      log("Loading player objects from secondary (ascii) files.");
+      break;
     case 'h':
       /* From: Anil Mahajan <> */
       printf("Usage: %s [-c] [-m] [-q] [-r] [-s] [-d pathname] [port
@@ -275,7 +280,8 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
              "  -o <file>      Write log to <file> instead of stderr.\n"
               "  -q             Quick boot (doesn't scan rent for object
               "  -r             Restrict MUD -- no new players
-              "  -s             Suppress special procedure
+              "  -s             Suppress special procedure
+             "  -x             Load using secondary (ascii) files.\n",

        So, yep, that's 'bout' right.  Start the mud with -x.


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