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From: Del (
Date: 07/19/00

Peter Ajamian wrote:
> Patrick Dughi wrote:
> >         If you would have even bothered to investigate, even in the
> > smallest degree, you'd realize that the amount of exp a mob is worth is
> > saved in the mob files.  Using Oasis OLC you can set it online, or a text
> > editor can be used to change the value offline.
> That experience has nothing to do with the experience gained for a
> kill.  In fact, I don't think it has any real purpose at all.  It sounds
> like a good idea to use it for that purpose, and I'm guessing that you
> may have made that change in your MUD and forgotten that it's not
> stock.  Anyways, if my understanding is correct, experience gained is
> based on a comparision of the player's level vs. the mob's level.  I
> think this equation can be tweaked in fight.c somewhere.

I guess if I can take 30 seconds to look up "exp" in fight.c, you can
and realize what you said is way off base!!!!

  exp = MIN(max_exp_gain, GET_EXP(victim) / 3);

I see no level comparison here.

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