Re: Circlemud/diku Licence

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/20/00

StormeRider wrote:

> Quoting from the Circle license:
> -- You must not solicit or accept money or other donations in exchange for
>     running CircleMUD.  You must not accept money or other donations from
>     your players for purposes such as hardware upgrades for running
>     CircleMUD.
> This is one that I don't see as a clarification of the Diku license, after
> reviewing the Diku license. This is a proviso of the Circle license that I,
> to be honest, really don't like. If I'm having some troubles with a MUD
> server, why can I not appeal to the people for which I am spending money
> to assist me with either a cash donation for the hardware replacement
> or a hardware donation for a replacement?

I have always wondered if this restriction could even be legally
enforced.  Case in point...

Entity A offers free server space to startup MUDs.
Entity B runs a CircleMUD on this server.
Can Entity A be legally bound to not accept donations to upgrade its
server?  or Entity B be legally bound to discontinue running the MUD on
the server?  What if Entity A and Entity B were controlled by the same
interests, would taht make a difference?

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