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Date: 07/20/00

At 04:26 PM 7/20/00 -0700, you wrote:
>On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, StormeRider wrote:
> > I don't consider this spam. It's a relevant issue to the software that
> > they have control over.
>I didn't say junk mail, I said spam.  Relevance is unimportant.  Flooding
>their inboxes with the same messages over and over *is* spam -- having an
>entire mailing list send them messages about GPL'ing DikuMUD *is* spam.

Uh... Daniel... who advocated that the list do so? AFAIK, only one person
has stated they _did_ so, not for others to _do_ so.

>If you really feel many individual's have strong arguments that ought to
>be heard by the DikuMUD group, then as part of your petition, accept and
>filter these arguments yourself, and deliver the best to them *ONCE*.
>It should go without saying, but not everyone was gifted with good manners
>and common sense: you should never make someone work to do you a favor.
>Having to deal with a low single-to-noise ratio, filter through hundreds
>of the same messages from third parties, etc., is asking way too much of
>the DikuMUD group, and it's[1] a quick way to get your hopes crushed.
>With all the vim and vigor of someone the target of chronic spam,
>[1] I've spelled "it's" wrong *twice* today.  <Sigh>

I understand and agree completely. I would request that you re-read Patrick's
post, because I believe there has been a miscommunication here that you
seem to be under the impression of. If I am in the wrong, I apologize, but
after re-reading the post, I'm not seeing what you are.


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