Re: Linux Redhat 6.1 [Idling/Autologout]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/20/00

> Anyone remember how in the heck you disable it so it doesn't
> log you alt if your idle in linux, I'm getting highly irritated
> with that happening while I'm coding. heh.
        Normally, if you're actually involved in using a process, you
won't be logged out.  If you're using tcsh, you may want to investigate
setting the 'autologout' variable in your /etc/csh.login, .profile, login,
.tcshrc files (one of those that is actually accessed will do).

        Of course, it would only happen if you were sitting at the shell
prompt, idle, for by default 60 minutes.  I admit, you may have to pace
yourself when you're coding... but...

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