From: Glover, Rick I. (
Date: 07/21/00

Add this function to utils.c:

char *cap_color(char *buf)
  int i = 0;

  while (buf[i]) {
    if (buf[i] == '&') {
      i+= 2;
    } else if ((UPPER(buf[i]) >= 'A') && (UPPER(buf[i]) <= 'Z')) {
      buf[i] = UPPER(buf[i]);

  return (buf);

Then replace function calls to CAP with this function wherever you feel that
color may come into play.  This function could be written using pointers
instead to be faster, but I just whipped this up for you real quick.  As
always, you need to make sure that you do not use your prototype strings in
calls to CAP or cap_color since it will change every occurrence of that


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On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Patrick Vale wrote:

> In our mud color codes have been changed to &g &s ..etc. The problem
arises that
> mobs with short descripts beginning with color codes are no longer
> capitalized or such when they walk out of rooms hit things etc.
> I figure this is because the code works with the '&' symbol we are using?
> is a macro for 'upper' function i think? I cannot find where in the code
> have looked lots and lots) it changes things to upper/lower case so i can
> it ignore our color codes.
> Any help greatly i on the right track? (newbie)...:)
> Have a fabulous day, Ladak *legends of toril* (aka patrick)
CAP() is located in utils.h
the line reads: #define CAP(st) (*(st) = UPPER(*st), st)

#define CAP(st) ((((*st!='&'||!isalnum(st[1]))?1:0) ? *(st) = UPPER(*st) \
                 : *(st + 1) = UPPER(*(st + 1))), st)

   Is the best way I can think of to deal with a problem like that
offhand while keeping the same general usage as CAP has currently, CAP
is used quite often, so the overhead of converting it to a function would be
significant -- well I suppose if your compiler supports it, it might be
just as effective to use an inlined function..


[top of utils.h]
extern char * str_cap(char *);
[in place of CAP]
#define CAP(x) (char *)str_cap((x));
[bottom of utils.c or something]

#if defined(__GNUC__)
inline char *str_cap(char * pt)
char *str_cap(char * pt)
   char *orig = pt; /* Temp hold start location of string */

   if (!pt || *pt != '&') /* Trap nullptr, non-color, or 0-length quickly */
       return !pt ? pt : (*(pt) = UPPER(*pt), pt);

   /* Skip leading color sequences */
   for (;*pt == '&' && isalnum(*(pt + 1)); pt += 2);

   /* Raise the first non-color-code found in case, return held start loc */
   return (*(pt) = UPPER(*pt), orig);



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