Re: proc color problem

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/21/00

Emil Nilimaa wrote:
> Ok, im using the easy color stuff, with
> &r type of color codes.
> The problem arise when im trying to send lots of
> colors to the player.
> It is about 10*10 chars, each with the
> color &b&v &n. (or less)
> This makes the game crash,
> but ONLY for players with a slow connection.
> The crash occurs when the player spams the command.

If I remember correctly easycolor adds the color in at the point where
the text is actually sent to the player (or right before).  A player
with a slow connection who spams the command will fill up the output
buffer faster than it can be emptied, and you are basically hitting this
problem which is already documented in the easycolor readme file...

> The color code doesn't check to make sure that the buffer doesn't exceed
> the maximum output buffer size, but since this is rarely a problem (would
> require 6 full screens of text under bpl11) I didn't bother.

That should give you a starting point to at least understand where the
problem comes from.

Hint:  The solution, in this case, is to "bother".

Regards, Peter

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