Re: Circlemud/diku Licence

From: George Greer (
Date: 07/22/00

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Brandon wrote:

>Huh.. .Question.  Why GPL the code? Doesn't that mean that all code
>developers have to share their source code with the internet community?!?

If you give your MUD to someone, you must include the source code. Not like
giving a binary of a MUD would be all that useful to most people.

>I personally do not want to give up some trade secrets. Newbies (like
>those found constantly on this list) won't program their own stuff and
>just rip off a whole mud?.

You don't have to share if you don't want to.  Just keep the code to

>Well am I missing something here with the Gnu Public License (guess it is
>time to read a copy of it again)  What is wrong with the current

Maybe someone wants to make a commercial MUD from the code.  Also, don't
you think the Diku developers are tired of receiving mail by now:

--- 8< --- 8< ---
   If you wish to setup a version of DikuMud on any computer system, you
   must send us a message , by snail-mail or e-mail, and inform us where
   and when you are running the game. (remember to include
   your address, name etc.)
--- 8< --- 8< ---

George Greer

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