[CODE] Pause

From: jeff shaw (j_sshaw@hotmail.com)
Date: 07/23/00

I was hoping to make a pause function so I could pause certain skills and
spells. I dont want it to be included with the spell/skill parameter info
but a function itself. I would know how to do this but only for pausing the
whole entire MUD, so what I was thinking is to use the built in clock for
the MUD to use. Like

int pause(int secs)
   char currtime;
   currtime = time; //time function goes here
   if (time = currtime + secs)
      return TRUE;
   return FALSE;

Or something. Yes I am a newbie coder and those just came off the top of my
mind and I wrote them just now. I dont know how to do the time API stuff
thats why I'm asking for help.
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