BPL 17 Bundle

From: Del (caminturn@earthlink.net)
Date: 07/23/00

I finially was able to finish (or get a bunch togather) some patches
into bpl17. The common ones that everyone wants to put in nearly first,
that usually end up having problems and errors with. Lord knows I did!

It currently has:
BPL 17 (obviously)
Oasis 2.0
DG scripts
ASCII pfiles


This was put togather on a linux system. YOU will have to reconfigure
for your system and then compile. Those running windows, I can not help
you with this one. (Your on your own!)

Everything seems to be working without any problems, and I know there
might be a memory leak in hedit (not sure on that one). Testing was
completed on everything that went in (atleast we tried to stress it).

The package does not include docs from the patches to keep the size
down. Also, please make sure you follow the authors wishes of the
above codes. Email them to let them know you are using thier code.

Nothing else was done to the code but putting those patches in and
getting them to work the way they should. I do however plan on
adding in some more patches and possibly trying to fine tune
it. If I make any significant improvements, I will upload a newer

Anyways, it was uploaded to the circlemud site and will be awaiting
its move. Or you can temp get it at

(it's zip format cause I am lousy at using gzip/tar)

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