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Date: 07/24/00

On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Bobby L. Russ wrote:

>         Can you assign a person to more than one zone at a time using OLC
> (Version 2.0.x) ?  If so, how?
Don't really know about 2.X since I don't use it.. :) But it shouldn't be
all that difficult regardless :).

The way we did it the first way around was simply to make the single int
that carries the zoneallowance  into an array of ints. together with some
"setting" of the zones that was about it. At first we decided to go with 5
zones, seeing that should be enough (Anyone here build more than 500 rooms
with decent content in one week, I'd like to hear from them.. :). Of
course this requires a change in the plrfile, or a plrwipe though the
latter is silly! :)

We're currently Developing the next version of the mud, and in that one
great deals of plr-related stuff is placed in various SQL-Tables. To make
it very simple, I stripped the zone information from the player, replacing
the "zoneallowance" with a call to the SQL, if this call returns true, the
player has allowance, otherwise not. The effect is that there's no upper
limit for the amount of zones, Once a zone is assigned, it keeps being

Uh.. :) Now I'm rambling again ;-)


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