Re: Immortal Kill command(thaco?)

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/24/00

Charles Erwin wrote:
> I recently removed the commands to disable killing an immortal, and allopwign
> an immortal to kill in one hit.(The chops to pieces thing). Yet when an
> immortal attack,
> he always misses. does the thaco take in mind immortals??

No, it is set according to level of PCs and it is 20 - hitroll for mobs.

> Or what could be
> theproblem?

It could be the victim's AC is high (maybe he is heavily armored).

From building.txt:

>    Note on THAC0 and Armor Class (AC): When an attacker is trying to
>    hit a victim, the attacker's THAC0 and the victim's AC, plus a
>    random roll of the dice, determines whether or not the attacker can
>    hit the victim.  (If a hit occurs, a different formula determines
>    how much damage is done.)  An attacker with a low THAC0 is
>    theoretically just as likely to hit a victim with a low AC as an
>    attacker with a high THAC0 is to hit a victim with a high AC.
>    Lower attacker THAC0's and higher victim AC's favor the attacker;
>    higher attacker THAC0's and lower victim AC's favor the victim.

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