From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/24/00

> I have a skill called stun.  I have a special procedure for mobs called
> Defender.  It's basically an ugly ass spec for big mobs that does a
> bunch of things to players, like area attacks, toss etc.  Basically
> beats up on players.  Now if the mob is stunned, it won't use it's
> special for however long it is stunned.  Now i get to my problem.  When
> a player stuns the mob, I would like it to work for 3 combat rounds, not
> three minutes.  The way i have it now, i set teh mobs affections to be
> affected by stun, but that doesn't work as well as I want.  Basically,
> how do I set things via combat rounds, or what would you guys suggest
> would be the best way to have somethign only last say 2-3 combat rounds
> for a mob and then "wear" off unless the mob is restunned.  I would like
> to do this for a few different skills I have and I'm not sure how to go
> about doin gthis.  I believe it maybe the WAIT_STATE function, but that
> doesn't quite make sence to me.  Any suggestions, help would be quite
> appreciated.

        I've included the entire paragraph above because some of it
confused the hell out of me.  Maybe I mised something.  I think the gist
though is that there is a 'stun' command which was unhelpfully not
included, which stuns for 3 minutes.

        It's supposed to stun for 3 combat rounds when it's used on a
particular mob with a given spec_proc.

        Fair enough.

        First, couldn't you just have the skill check for the victim to be
stunned, and then change it from GET_WAIT_STATE(vicitm)=1_RL_SECOND*180;

        Otherwise, you could have the spec_proc for the mob check and see
if the wait_state is ever greater than 3*PULSE_VIOLENCE, and if so, set it
back to that value, minus a mobile activity pulse (or so, depending on how
the spec_proc was called).


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