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From: Webremedies (
Date: 07/24/00

I've posted quite recently a couple of times due to some compiling errors, other then that, if this post is not welcomed here, please accept my sincere apologies.
Spheria coding project.
-> Based on circle30bpl17, no dg-scripts, no hedit implemented yet ontop.
-> CVS implemented on server.
-> Oasis OLC
Currently search for a group 2-3 of DEDICATED programmers, willing to devote a whee bit of time to a set project.  In means of watching another one grow.  
Much has been implemented and more is to come, the hardest part I find, is seperating the time to do it all alone.  1 other coder inhabits the lands. =]
if interested drop me an email at: or
or just drop by the server. 4001

Thanks alot,
Bill Zaparanuik

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