Re: [CODE][NEWBIE] BPL 17 Bundle posted by Del

From: Shay (
Date: 07/25/00

>Hullo Shay,
>I didn't get any more errors/warnings than those...  That's all I got when I
>compiled, but then the friggin ASCII player file system (or whatever it is)
>totally didn't want to cooperate, so I think I am going to stick to my bpl17
>with a WORKING Hedit (read, no memory leaks), plus with aedit and OLC2, but
>without DG Scripts and Assemblies, which I have decided to hand patch in
>just for the hell of it. ;)
>Torgny Bjers

Torgny, if you get bored, and feel like emailing me a copy of Circle,
the working ver with addons, feel free too.. ;)  as those are the first
ones Ill be popping in.

I Think Ill have to try VC++ at work today and see if it compiles better
on bpl17 than my BC++.

Shay aka Gothic Knight

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