Re: A little help please

From: Jake Turner (
Date: 07/25/00

Going on the fact the room numbers in the array are vnums and your trying to
change them to rnums, replace the problem area with the following.

/*********************** Problem area ******************/

for (count = 0; count <= NUM_STARTROOMS; count++)
if ((r_mortal_start_room[count] = real_room(r_mortal_start_room[count]))
     < 0) {
         log("SYSERR:  Mortal start room %d does not exist.  Change in
         config.c.", count);

/*********************** End of problem area ******************/

I havnt't tried compiling this so there may be erros.
This will find any non-existant start rooms in the array, or if none
exist change the array from vnums into rnums.

I hope this helps.

Jake Turner - aka Culhaven ( port2411)

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