Re: Coding, how-to?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/25/00

> Im trying to develop an application that i based upon an existing .exe.
> I basically want to add a gui interface to start, ot stop an existing .exe.
> example:I made a project called "chat server", you load this up, and it goes
> to background. how would I set up another exe, (or edit this one?). to set up
> a gui interface to add options such as "Start chat", and "End chat"(which
> stops the program).?
> any idea's?? Im not good at c++, but im trying. Any help owuld be aprpeciated.
> if this isnt good for this group, sorry for it. Thank you.

        Just run it with a call to system(), or exec().  The problem is
graceful shutdown.  Unless you have written your external application to
accept some sort of signal, it won't go down gracefully.  You _could_ just
send a signal like sigint, or sigkill to the process.  Granted, that's how
i'd do it, there are hundreds of ways.

        Of course, signal processing may be a bit different in windows,
but it's the same thing, really.

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