Merits of Ghosts was: Re: [CIRCLE] Code

From: Russ Brown (
Date: 07/25/00

>Brian Hartvigsen wrote:
>> 3) Ghosts
>>    This code made it so when a player died he became a ghost (though I
>> another race [for multiple reasons]) you could easily change this code to
>> use and AFF_FLAG or something else 8-P )  As a ghost a player could not
>> or drink, could not recieve or deal damage (accept through certian spells
>> only usable by one class in my MUD), but could walk through doors and
>> stuff like that :)

Interesting. I have almost the same exact system on my mud.  Although I do
an AFF_FLAG (in combination with POS_GHOST) to distinguish ghosts.
I though I had come up with something unique to my mud, guess it really is
true that there are no NEW ideas! :)

From: Del <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET>
>Nice interesting thought, however, a player can easily create a
>character, get it killed and then roam the mud freely. Not a good Idea!

I guess that depends on your point of view.  I dont see a problem with
roaming around exploring since there is now way for them to get experience
or even pick up items. The reason our ghosts can go through closed doors
is that they cant open them.  It is sleightly harder to get a ghost on our
since we have a lifeforce stat that is decremented each time the character
dies and you dont become a ghost till your lifeforce goes to zero.  We also
have ways to get your ghost resurrected, although there is a penalty to your

Does anyone else have something similar on their muds?

Russ Brown

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