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From: Mac Manson (stabaho@uswest.net)
Date: 07/25/00

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Does anyone more knowledgeable wish to have a try at updating this
hometowns snippet?. I successfully got it patched into my bpl17 mud,
but in the game the character doesn't go to the room he is suppose to
in the game. I have noticed a lot of difference in the const sh_int
mortal_start_room part. i used the snippet del submitted to the list
just yesterday also.

From: "Daniel W. Burke" <dwb@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Hometown - could easily be used for classes

For simplicity, I found it easier to make another header file to
handle the define for num_startrooms. structs.h was a bad place since
it's only needed in a few files, and to change it would mean basically
recopiling the mud, so this include in the below listed files would be
most logical.

#include "loadrooms.h"

loadrooms.h -- You will need to add this file and make sure that all
the dependancies are correct. It only needs to contain one line:

#define NUM_STARTROOMS    4

act.wizard.c -- I Added set hometown to do_set, with it sending a list
of hometowns, and their numbers no matter what you set it for.

   case 55:
          GET_HOME(vict) = value;
          send_to_char("NUM   ROOM     ZONE\r\n", ch);
          send_to_char(" 1)   4298     Adrilankha\r\n", ch);
          send_to_char(" 2)   3001     Midgaard\r\n", ch);
          send_to_char(" 3)   5400     New Thalos\r\n", ch);
          send_to_char(" 4)   7500     Guarlan\r\n", ch);


/* virtual number of room that mortals should enter at */
const sh_int mortal_start_room[NUM_STARTROOMS +1] =  {
      0,    /* Newbie loadroom element */
      4298, /* Adrilankha              */
      3001, /* Midgaard                */
      5400, /* New Thalos              */
      7500  /* Guarlan                 */

db.c -- if you are going to put a menu to choose a hometown when the
        character is created don't forget to comment out the line in
        init_char that sets hometown to 1. This is defined near the
top of
        the file.

sh_int r_mortal_start_room[NUM_STARTROOMS +1];

This is a total replacement for the stock procedure... it assumes that
under any circumstances, that mortal_start_room[1] always exists, and
if any others are missing, sets it equal to mortal_start_room[1]

/* make sure the start rooms exist & resolve their vnums to rnums */
void check_start_rooms(void)
  int count;
  extern sh_int mortal_start_room[NUM_STARTROOMS +1];
  extern sh_int immort_start_room;
  extern sh_int frozen_start_room;

   for (count = 1; count <= (NUM_STARTROOMS + 1); count++)
   if ((r_mortal_start_room[count] =
real_room(mortal_start_room[count])) < 0) {
      if (count > 1)
        r_mortal_start_room[count] = real_room(mortal_start_room[1]);
      else {
         log("SYSERR:  Mortal start room does not exist.  Change in

  if ((r_immort_start_room = real_room(immort_start_room)) < 0) {
    if (!mini_mud)
      log("SYSERR:  Warning: Immort start room does not exist.  Change
in config.c.");
    r_immort_start_room = r_mortal_start_room[1];
  if ((r_frozen_start_room = real_room(frozen_start_room)) < 0) {
    if (!mini_mud)
      log("SYSERR:  Warning: Frozen start room does not exist.  Change
in config.c.");
    r_frozen_start_room = r_mortal_start_room[1];

spells.c -- in spell_recall, change 2 lines to equal these:

  extern sh_int r_mortal_start_room[NUM_STARTROOMS +1];

  char_to_room(victim, r_mortal_start_room[GET_HOME(ch)]);

interpreter.c -- in nanny()

  extern sh_int r_mortal_start_room[NUM_STARTROOMS +1];

         load_room = r_mortal_start_room[GET_HOME(d->character)];
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