Re: Merits of Ghosts

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 07/26/00

>Nice interesting thought, however, a player can easily create a
>character, get it killed and then roam the mud freely. Not a good Idea!

I guess that should teach me to say something like that quickly without
adding in some background or anything :)  In *my* MUD the ghost flag or
whatever you want to call it could be gotten in 2 ways. 1) You could create
a Ghost raced character or 2) you died.

Now way #1 goes completely agianst D&D or most other RP gaming rules
because it is a "super-natural" class, but me and my coders thought we
could make it fun.  A ghost in our MUD (or atleast a ghost from character
selection) is almost totaly an RP element to the MUD.  They actually can
not even commincate through say or yell, but can only talk through the use
of "tell"epathics (yes I just changed the tell command around a bit and
waalaa!) or the global OOC channel.

Now a ghost created through death, while still having the same advantages
and disadvantages, was the kind of ghost that could be resurrected.  We had
it so if you didn't get resureceted before quit then you become a ghost
permentaly (death was no light thing on my MUD).

Now if you are running a completely H&S MUD then ghosts are not the thing
for you.  They will greatly offset the balance of the MUD in a short time
(trust me I know :) ), but if you have an RP MUD or find a way to restrict
Ghosts to some kind of "astral plane" (a zone set up soley for them) then I
think they can be a nice addition to just about any MUD. :)

I guess in someways I'm just trying to protect my code from bashing ,but
hey, we all love our code right? :)


P.S.  I will upload all 3 codes to the FTP site before 8PM Alaska Standard
Time today so anyone interested will be able to download all 3 (I will
probably have changed Ghosts to run of an AFF_flag just to be nice..)

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