Re: dg scripts and bpl17

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 07/27/00

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From: Jason Beeland <>
Date: den 26 juli 2000 23:49
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] dg scripts and bpl17

>> I have bpl17 running with oasis v2.0 i believe,
>> is there any dg-scripts that compile/patch into
>> bpl17 that don't come with oasis, ?
>> any help is appreciated
>> thanks
>> surg
>At the risk of being a "me too" post, I've been looking
>into this myself.  All the patches I've found have
>either been built for bpl15 or earlier, or come with
>Oasis built into it (and the one i saw was an old
>version of Oasis so i didn't wanna backtrack to my
>code before i put in olc.).  I noticed in the archive
>a similar thread earlier with someone saying they were
>working on this.  Anyone have any more info?
>Jason Beeland

I have patched (by hand, since I wouldn't know what stock was if it hit me
over the head) the current version of DG Scripts (bpl8) into bpl17 without
any further ado, and it works, except for a few minor things like osend not
finding chars, but other than that, it was a piece of cake.

Torgny Bjers (Artovil)

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