Re: dg scripts and bpl17

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 07/27/00

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From: Jason Beeland <>
Date: den 27 juli 2000 17:17
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] dg scripts and bpl17

>> Whooops... I meant bpl7... :/  Sorry!
>> Torgny Bjers, "Il Retardo"
>Well, I checked the dg scripts site, and the highest
>bpl i found WITHOUT olc already in it (I already
>patched oasis 2.0a in.) is bpl5...  Does anyone have
>bpl7 without olc?
>Thanks again, sorry to be bothersome :P
>Jason Beeland

Why don't you use the one with olc (pl7a) in it and just ignore the parts
where OLC is put into the system? I mean, I already had OasisOLC 2.0 in my
system, so I just ignored the parts where new files are added and just
checked for additions to files like medit.c, oedit.c, zedit.c and others,
and put this into my code, and it worked...

Torgny Bjers

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