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Date: 07/28/00

*nod*, agreed. we'll see what happens. I really don't know as far of here,
the admin an actual friend owns the server I let him know my main concern is
originality, though alot of stock still excists 3 people's time and effort,
is now just a repeat on another one's server.  I know the extent of the
crime may not be soo outrageous the computer crime division will jump over.
It is however and I am not sure of the code and or title but I believe there
is a code for accessing a server without permission, there's gotta be one.
And malitious attempts, now your just talking about degree..  But thanks,
you may be right.  I apologize if so, but I thought and solely believed such
was a crime.
Please do not quote me on that, it's much more the anger of it happening,
just want the public to know.
            Spheria [4001]
Bill Zaparanuik
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Date: July 28, 2000 8:57 PM
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>- From personal first hand knowledge I can tell you the following about the
>I had someone break into my servers from the console and lock me and my
>company out our our own equipment.
>When the FBI and authorities were called, we were told the following..
>"Unless damage has been done to which you can affix a price tag to and
>uless the crime was done from a remote location through a wire line we
>can't do anything".
>The point, that unless you have physically lost money because of the loss
>of code, don't expect much action.  Since he did access your system throgh
>the internet without your consent you can nail him for more like data
>traspassing etc.
>But I wouldn't expect much from the authorities here.  My company wrote
>encryption software that was for "non-export" and hosted information for
>large companies in town and while the company that physically broke into my
>systems did business over seas, the feds did nothing.
>Good luck, it took us a year to get the problem resolved and everyone got
>off scott free.
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