Dg scripts BPL17 incorp.

From: Webremedies (webremedies@home.com)
Date: 07/30/00

I think the entire community is finally getting going with the new
circlemud code base, I aswell quit all my work with 14 to hit the bpl17
highway, still don't really know if it was the smartest choice I made,
but hey~ ya gotta change with the times.
If anyone is planning to work on a patch for circle30bpl17/oasis 2.0 for
dg-scripts WITHOUT olc already implemented into the patch, let me know,
would be glad to lend a helping hand, I know that dg-scripts patch can
take a long time, in the mydst of handpatching my server, after a day,
tons of errors, and confusion.  I'm still going, but a patch would be
perfect for all the others out there?  Anyone by chance working on such
a thing?

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